DIY Garage Door Parts: Replace Broken Springs and Other Parts Fast This is America. Do it yourself.

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Don't turn your garage door into garbage with cheap Chinese springs.

Is your garage door letting you down? Are you tired of hiring repairmen for a job you can do on your own? There's a better way. At DIY, we've helped customers across the country upgrade their homes with the best garage door springs and hardware money can buy. Whether you're looking for torsion springs, garage door hardware, or replacement parts, we've got it all.

If you're a rugged go-getter, you've come to the right place. Skip the trip to the hardware store. We've got the parts you need to make a repair in stock and ready to ship directly to your door. Declare your independence and get the job done now.

You get what you pay for. And with garage door repairs, there's the cheap way, and there's the right way. Don't settle for fake springs at big box stores and big-name online stores! If you see really cheap prices then it's pretty much guaranteed they are bulk-ordered Chinese springs that are low-grade steel and not even oil tempered for durability. Even if they save you money today, you'll spend more in the long run. That's a fact.

At DIY Garage Door Parts, we know your garage door isn't just an everyday appliance. It's an investment in your home and should be treated as such. Springs should open and close your door every time. They shouldn't leave you high and dry. Consider this when you compare parts providers. The difference in service life can be years. If you have any questions about our products or about an order, you can always give us a call at 1-866-813-7899.

Our Springs are American-made highest quality garage door springs with a Lifetime warranty. We stand behind our springs for as long as you own your home. If it breaks we replace it.

Common Issues Customers Ask About

Especially if this is your first time working on your garage door, you might have a question. These are some of the most common we get:

  • Can I really repair my own garage door?

    There are many parts of your garage door system you can repair on your own, though it does depend a bit upon what the issue is. For instance, garage door torsion springs are something you can tackle on your own if you're handy. We've put together some articles to walk you through common issues and how to address them.

  • How fast is shipping?

    Most products we carry will ship the same day if you order before 11 AM EST Monday-Friday. Otherwise, they will ship the next business day.

    Actual shipping times and delivery date vary based upon your location and the shipping method you select. If you're in a rush, FedEx priority overnight shipping is available in many areas. Standard shipping times to the continental US are 1-5 business days.

    Customers are able to select a shipping method at checkout and will be provided with a code to track their items.

  • Do you have replacement parts for specific brands?

    We stock replacement hardware, electronics, and accessories for manufacturers like Genie, Liftmaster, Linear (registered trademarks), and others.

  • Where can I buy garage door parts near me?

    People are usually asking this for one of two reasons. First, they want to get their hands on the parts they need to fix their garage door right away. If you drive to a local retailer and buy garage door parts, that's obviously going to be the fastest way to get them.

    But, as I noted above, you aren't always going to find quality parts at your local big box store and availability is limited in terms of what you can find. A broken garage door is an inconvenience, but not usually an emergency. If you can wait a little longer you can save yourself a trip to the store and end up with better parts.

    A second reason you might be asking this is that it just didn't occur to you that you can buy things like torsion springs online. Good news; we have what you need for your garage door in our online store, at reasonable prices, ready for delivery.

  • What are garage door torsion springs?

    Your garage door will have one of two types of springs: extension or torsion. Extension springs are a traditional-looking spring that stretches (extends) along each upper horizontal track as the door closes. Garage door torsion springs are tightly-wound coils that are installed above and parallel to the garage door.

    Modern garage door systems often use torsion springs because they more reliable, require less maintenance, and are more powerful. You can read more about the differences between the two types of springs in this post.