5 Garage Door Repairs You Can Do Yourself (and 1 You Can’t!)

Are you frustrated with your garage door? If you’re having problems with a torn rubber seal, ugly worn finish, or even odd noises, chances are you can fix them yourself.

Many garage door repairs have an easy solution, and you can fix the problem yourself. While some repairs are more dangerous to attempt without proper training, there are several you can try on your own.

Here’s a guide to fixing your garage door yourself. Keep reading to find out what you need to know.

Garage Door Repairs: 5 Problems You Can Fix With a DIY Solution

Calling a professional garage door technician can be costly. Many garage door repair parts are easy to find for DIY repairs, and the tasks aren’t hard.

If you want to save some money, attempt the repair yourself.

1. Worn Finish

One easy DIY garage door repair is fixing the finish on your garage door. If you have a wooden door, even when weather sealed it can be worn and dull after several years.

Depending on the climate you live in, this can happen regularly. Harsh weather wears harder on natural finishes.

You can refinish the door yourself. Strip off the old paint or stain, first with a power washer and then with chemicals if necessary.

Choose a warm, dry day for the project. Switch the door to manual mode, so you can open it partway, and slide it a little at a time as you work. Be sure you finish the door with exterior paints or stains.

The last step is to apply a weather sealer, similar to what you’d use when finishing your deck.

2. Clattering Noises

You may notice a rattling or clattering sound as your door opens and closes. That’s an easy DIY fix. Tighten the hardware, including the hinges and any nuts and bolts.

Plan for an hour or more on this project, as there are several pieces and sizes. You’ll need different wrenches or sockets to accomplish the task.

Make sure you don’t overtighten and use a step ladder to help you reach hardware high above your head. Take safety precautions so that you don’t fall.

3. Water Leakage

Are you finding water inside your garage that’s coming in under the door? Weatherstripping can get chewed by animals or worn from years of use.

You can repair the weather stripping at home without a professional, and seal it against any water coming in.

Pull the old one off by sliding it off the end. You might have to un-crimp the ends first. It should fit out the gap between the door track and the wall, and you can just slide it off.

Measure and cut the new weather stripping, and then slide it on the end. You may want a helper for this project, as it can take some coaxing and patience.

Last, install a new threshold and doorstop.

4. Squeaking Noises

Lubricating your garage door can help eliminate squeaking or squealing noises you might be hearing when it operates. This is a maintenance task that should be done once a year to prevent the problem.

Use penetrating oil on any moving parts, like wheels inside the tracks. Test the door after you’ve oiled it, and add a little more oil if necessary.

5. Door Won’t Close or Open

While there are multiple reasons the door may not close or open when asked, you can try a few cleaning tasks and see if they fix the problem.

Clean the sensors, and remove debris or blockages. Even cobwebs and dry leaves can cause your door to freeze for safety. 

If the tracks are grimy and dirty, cleaning them can also help. Use an old cloth and rub the dirt and grime away. You may need to re-lubricate any moving parts after you clean the tracks.

Are you still having trouble? Replace the batteries in your garage door openers to see if that solves the problem.

For more ideas about what to do when your garage door won’t close, check out this article.

A Repair You Shouldn’t Try to DIY

Some repairs are dangerous and should only be attempted by someone who has the training to do it safely.

If you attempt it on your own, you could make a bad problem worse or cause permanent damage. That would mean having to replace the door instead of fixing it. That will be much more expensive than hiring a professional to do the repair.

Sagging Door

Old fashioned garage doors were one piece, and they swung up and slid back. If you have one of these, chances are it’s fairly old and may sag in the middle when it’s up and resting.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a repair for this. It needs to be replaced with a new garage door.  Garage doors are heavy and you shouldn’t try to remove old ones or install new ones on your own.

Hiring a professional technician for installations, along with garage door motor repairs, is a good way to ensure the job is done right and you stay safe.