A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install Garage Door Springs

garage door springs

There is a wide variety of garage door manufacturers out there. As a result, there are a lot of people who need to know the basics of how to replace garage door springs. It’s not uncommon for garage door springs to eventually break down due to regular use. For this reason, it’s important for homeowners…

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How to Fix a Broken Garage Door Spring

broken garage door spring

You wake up a bit later than usual and you realize you’re running late for work. As you rush to open the door, you notice that it doesn’t fully open. Moreover, you hear some loud snapping at the door. These are some of the key warning signs of a broken garage door spring. Interestingly, families…

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The Best Garage Door Lubricants

garage door lubricants

Anyone who works in a garage knows that sound. That awful, ear-piercing, shrieking wail of grinding driveshafts and motors in a poorly lubricated garage door. Sometimes the garage door won’t even close. It’s not just an annoyance—all that noise signals potential damage that can cost you a pretty penny down the road. Frequent lubrication is…

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5 Garage Door Repairs You Can Do Yourself (and 1 You Can’t!)

garage door repairs

Are you frustrated with your garage door? If you’re having problems with a torn rubber seal, ugly worn finish, or even odd noises, chances are you can fix them yourself. Many garage door repairs have an easy solution, and you can fix the problem yourself. While some repairs are more dangerous to attempt without proper…

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How to Replace a Garage Door Panel

garage door panel

Has the time finally come where you need a new garage door panel? As a homeowner, you may have been putting it off due to fear of expense or a difficult job. After all, you have enough to worry about maintaining a home. You might have issues with your garage door or maybe you’ve noticed…

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Repairing Garage Door Hinges: Everything You Need to Know

garage door hinges

Garage door hinges are a central component of the structure and operation of your garage door. Given the hard work they do moving a garage door up and down, they can wear out over time. If your door is making strange sounds when opening and closing, it could be a sign that your hinges need…

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Garage Door Won’t Close? The Ultimate Guide to How to Fix It

garage door won’t close

Ever feel like your garage door has a mind of its own? How many times have you waited for the garage door to close only for the door to laugh at you and flat out refuse?  We’ve all been there. The frustration, the anger, the impatience.  Here’s the good news: if your garage door won’t…

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A Basic Guide To Garage Door Springs

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably take your garage door springs for granted. You simply expect them to function quietly and smoothly several times a day as you easily open and close your garage door. Typical garage doors weigh over 100, 200, or even 300 pounds. Garage door springs make them easy to open…

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