ProTec Lubricant – Garage Door Lube


ProTec Garage Lube-Large Can

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ProTec Lubricant – Garage Lube

Quiets garage door rollers,hinges, and end bearings.  It also prevents rust and corrosion on garage door torsion springs with reducing friction between the coils for a much more quiet door operation. The gel lube is great stuff, it doesn’t make a mess or run and last a long time. Just spray it on the pivot points of the hinges and rollers to make your garage door quiet and smooth. You can also use this garage lube on pulleys, cables and springs.

Proper lubrication of your garage door and it’s moving and working parts it vital to the performance of the system. Keeping the hinges and rollers lubed will make your door run smooth and quiet. Since the door is not binding and dragging the entire garage door systems life will be extended! So after you order a bottle of garage lube, pat yourself on the back. You just saved yourself a lot of money in the long run.

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Garage Lube Features: 

  • Penetrates and will not evaporate
  • 13.0 oz.
  • Premium Garage Door Lubricant
  • Safe for all materials, no odor, non toxic
  • Clear in color
  • Long lasting

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Fast Shipping – You want to fix your garage door FAST . . . Right?

Garage Lube

Here at DIY Garage Door Parts, we understand that if you are looking to buy garage door lubricant then your door is already in need of lubrication! This means that you need the product ASAP!
In most cases our orders go out either the SAME DAY or if placed in the evening then they go out NEXT DAY. We also offer the full spectrum of expedited quick ship options available via UPS. That means if you are willing to spend the money for next day air to get your ProTec Garage Lube . . . you can. It’s your choice just like it should be!
That’s right, all of them. Order Online and we will ship ProTec Garage Lube for Do It Yourself people to anywhere in the US.
Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Stay tunned for How To videos and product tutorials that will help you find the right part for your garage door.
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Additional information

Weight 1.14 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 2.75 × 2.75 in


  1. ARTHUR (verified owner)

    Ordered with my new 13-bearing nylon rollers. Teflon lubes are hard to beat. Much better than the silicone lubes that I had been using.

  2. jerrywac (verified owner)

    Used the Ultra Gel Lube on two 8′ x 8′ sectional doors to lubricate the rollers, hinges and opener chain. Both doors are definitely quieter. I put new 13 Ball Bearing Sealed Nylon rollers with 4″ stems from DIY-Garage-Door-Parts on one door. It is definitely the quietest now! I am very pleased with DIY-Garage-Door-Parts. I know with their assistance I could solve most garage door issues. I highly recommend this company!!

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