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Cable Drums for sale - Tunnel Hill, GeorgiaHave a broken garage door cable drum in Tunnel Hill, Georgia? Buy quality made replacement drums online with same day shipping to WHITFIELD county, GA if ordered before 11am EST.

Garage door cable drums are found on a torsion spring system, located on the ends of the torsion shaft and look like metal wheels or hubs. Most commonly made from cast aluminum, cable drums help the garage door remain balanced and level as the cables wrap around the drums. Residential and light commercial garage doors use drums with a four-inch diameter, while heavier doors use five-inch drums.

For most garage door systems we recommend the torque force 400-96 drums, along with the 3/32 torsion cables. This combination will make for a quieter and smoother garage door system. Using the 3/32 cables (smaller diameter than factory cables), will allow for less rubbing of the cable as it winds up and down. Therefore making them last a lot longer.

Cable Drums – Torque Force 400-96

These garage door drums are four inches in diameter and are most commonly used for residential garage doors up to eight feet high. These drums have a weight capacity of 265 pounds per drum and can handle cables up to 1/8-inch thick. When you notice wear in the grooves that separate the cables, or cracks or chips in your old drums, it’s time to replace them. Torque Force 400-96 drums make excellent replacements for worn out or cracked OMI 8, APCO 400-8, DNS 4X, and Overhead TD-1A drums. Order your new Tunnel Hill, GA Torque Force garage door cable drums online and worry free today!

Cable Drums – Torque Force 400-144 

These garage door drums are four inches in diameter. With a weight capacity of 375 pounds, they can be used on heavier garage doors up to 12 feet high. A drum can sometimes slip, causing one side to be higher than the other so the door won’t seal on the ground. However, because the Torque Force 400-144 drum is wider, it provides more surface area for gripping the torsion bar and reduces the risk of a slip. We provide fast shipping to the following Georgia areacodes, 706.

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We also offer an full selection of garage door torsion springs and garage door extention springs. All of our springs are made in the USA and are backed by our 4 year warranty and a avalible 8 year warranty.

DIY Garage Door Parts Tip

Make your garage door in Tunnel Hill, Georgia 30755 in WHITFIELD county, extremely quiet by upgrading to the Torque Force 400-144 cable drum. Its wider grooves hold thicker cables and allow for more separation between the cables. This prevents any rubbing, as well as the noise that is commonly heard during the last two feet of opening. Because the Torque Force 400-144 and Torque Force 400-96 are both four inches in diameter, there will be no change to your spring configuration or size. To silence your garage door system even more, add a set of 3/32-inch torsion cables.

For helpful tips and step by step procedures on how to fix and maintain your garage door refer to our educational how to video library. Here you can also find many product tutorial videos which will help you decide what parts is best for you.

If you have any questions about choosing the right Tunnel Hill, Georgia garage door cable drum, or you need help understanding the proper way to replace your drums, call us at 1-866-813-7899.

Replacement Garage Door Cable Drums Tunnel Hill, Georgia, GA.

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