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Garage Door Extension Springs For SaleHave a broken garage door extension spring in Spring City, Tennessee? Buy quality made replacement extension springs online with same day shipping to RHEA county, TN if ordered before 11am EST.

Garage door extension springs run along the door’s horizontal track and help to open and close your garage door as the springs stress and compress. Extension springs are manufactured specifically for the height of a garage door.

DIY Tip: Replacing your Garage Door Rollers can make a huge improvement in the function of the garage door. If your door is noisey and doesn’t roll smooth, you need new rollers. Factory rollers are only rated for about 10,000 cycles, we recommend sealed nylon rollers which can last up to 25,000 cycles. These will dramatically make your garage door smoother and quieter!

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Understanding the Numbers

Let’s say you’re looking at a seven-foot extension spring 25 x 42. This extension spring is used on a seven-foot garage door. It has a 25-inch relaxed or compressed length and a 42-inch stretched length, which is how far the spring should be stretched when the garage door is closed.

As you might expect, longer springs tend to be used on taller garage doors. If you use an extension spring with a different first number than the old one, you will need to adjust the cable length to achieve the necessary 10 percent of stretch when your door is open.

Don’t ever use a seven-foot extension spring for an eight-foot garage door. This forces the spring to stretch farther to allow the door to close, which creates extra tension, affects how the door is lifted and will greatly shorten the life of the spring.

We offer fast shipping to the following Tennessee areacodes, 423. That’s right as long as you order before 11am eastern time we ship your parts our the same day! We pride ourselves on customer service and can’t wait to help you on your next garage door project.

Extension Springs – Weight Capacity

Garage door extension springs are manufactured to lift specific amounts of weight. Therefore each individual garage door will have a specific spring that works for it. If you have a 110 pound garage door then you will need two 110 pound extension springs. This is because the pulleys in the system reduce the weight that the springs can pull, so a 110 pound spring can only pull 55 pounds.

This is why two 110-pound extension springs are needed to lift a 110-pound garage door. Also, be sure to replace both extension springs at the same time in order to maintain the garage doors balance in RHEA county, TN.

Garage Door Extension Spring Color Coding

Garage door extension springs are color-coded to help you identify what type of lifting power and extension spring your garage door requires. Those color codes are as follows:

  • Tan: 100 pounds
  • White: 110 pounds
  • Green: 120 pounds
  • Yellow: 130 pounds
  • Blue: 140 pounds
  • Red: 150 pounds
  • Brown: 160 pounds
  • Orange: 170 pounds
  • Gold: 180 pounds
  • Light Blue: 190 pounds

***This pattern is repeated in 100 pound increments for various sizes. For example 110, 210, 310 pounds, etc. will all be color-coded with white paint.

Garage Door Safety Cables

When replacing your extension springs it a good idea to replace or add safety cables to your system. The safety cables run through your extension springs and will catch your garage door if something breaks like your springs or cables. When something does break it can be very dangerous if someone were around or underneath of the door. These safety cables can provide a safe environment for you and your family.

Please be safe when repairing a garage door, make sure to watch our How-To video library. They provide step by step instructions on how to fix your door like the pros.

American-Made Quality

Extension SpringsMany imported garage door extension springs in Spring City, Tennessee 37381 in RHEA county are made from low-grade steel, but we can assure you that all DIY Garage Door parts extension springs are American-made with high quality steel and come with a four-year warranty. You can order online and worry free, knowing you getting a quality american made replacement garage door spring that will last for years!

Check out our inventory of quality made garage door replacement parts. Watch our how-to videos to learn more about measuring and replacing your garage door extension springs, call us at 1-866-813-7899 if you have any questions.

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Replacement Garage Door extension springs for sale to Spring City, Tennessee, TN.

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