Garage Door Springs

DYI Garage Door Parts has the parts you need to fix your garage door yourself, without having a service man charge you several hundred dollars. Our garage door springs at DYI Garage Door Parts are made in the United States, from the best oil tempered steel available.
The Garage Door Torsion Spring fits a 1” torsion bar which is industry standard. Garage door springs are used to counter balance and assist in the easy opening and closing of the garage door. These springs are made of high quality oil-tempered steel. The torsion springs go through a process call Egyptian coating, where are then dipped in a black liquid and placed in an oven to bake the oil liquid. Doing this step gives the spring an anti-corrosive coat that prevents any rust.

If you aren’t sure of the correct size spring you need, you may find it helpful to watch our video How to Measure Torsion Springs Video This video will also help you to know the difference between a left hand wound spring or a right hand wound spring. You will need this information to order the correct replacement spring for your garage door. There are other videos on the site that will show you how to replace the springs.

When you need to repair your garage door, we hope you will try DYI Garage Door Parts. We are here to offer you American made garage door springs at the best prices and quickest shipping. We also guarantee our parts for 4 years, something that isn’t found in other garage door companies. Therefore, we hope you will choose our family owned company for yourself and see that we have the best parts at the lowest prices, and all shipped to your home.
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