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Garage Door Cables - Goodway, AlabamaDo you have a broken garage door cable in Goodway, Alabama? Buy quality made replacement cables online with same day shipping to MONROE county, AL if ordered before 11am EST.

Garage door cables serve an important role in the function of the garage door system. As the door raises and lowers the cables help reduce the pressure on the spring, therefore extending its life. The cables serve as a catch for the door if a spring should break and also help the door work more smoothly and quietly.

There are three types of cables used on garage doors in Goodway, Alabama: torsion spring cables, extension spring cables and safety cables. They come in various lengths, thicknesses and strand counts.

Heres a tip: When working on a Torsion spring system, if you replace the cables you may want to go ahead and replace the bottom brackets as well. The cables pull and put stress on the bottom brackets and over time they can cause them to break. While your already working on the garage door system it’s easy to go ahead and replace these brackets. It will save you time and aggrevation in the future.

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Garage Door Cables – Torsion Spring

The standard torsion spring cable in MONROE county is 7×7 strand 1/8-inch thickness. This means there are seven strands in a bundle, and those seven bundles are twisted together to form cable with a diameter of 1/8 inch. These cables have a strong weight capacity of 1,650 pounds. However, they aren’t very flexible and can cause noise by rubbing as they wind around the cable drum when the door approaches a fully open position.

A 7×19 strand 1/8-inch thickness cable represents an upgrade due to a greater number of thinner cable strands. This garage door cable has a much stronger weight capacity – 1,950 pounds – and is much more flexible than the 7×7 strand 1/8-inch torsion spring cable.

3/32-inch torsion spring cables are more flexible than the 1/8-inch cables and have a weight capacity of 950 pounds. This is much lower than the previous two cables but still more than enough for the average garage door. The main advantage is the thinner diameter of the cable, which results in quieter operation by reducing the likelihood of rubbing against the cable drum as the door is opening.

DIY Garage Door Parts Bonus Tip: Use 3/32-inch torsion spring cables with Torque Force 400-144 drums to create more separation for your cable and make them virtually silent. We offer fast shpping on torsion cables to the following AL areacodes: 251

We have what your need and ship nation wide, even if its garage door cables in Casper, Wyoming!

Garage Door Cables – Extension Spring

Extension Spring Cables for 7FT High Door3/32-inch cables are standard for garage doors that use extension springs. They have plenty of weight capacity at 950 pounds, but because an extension spring setup has more moving parts than a torsion spring setup, there’s a greater risk of frayed cables.

A 7×19 strand 1/8-inch extension spring cable is an upgrade over a 3/32-inch, thanks to a higher number of thinner cable strands, greater flexibility, and more than twice as much weight capacity at 1,950 pounds.

 Safety Cables

Garage Door safety cables are used to restrain the extension spring when the cable or extension spring breaks. They are ran through the center of the extension spring and tied off at both ends. If you have extension springs on your garage door, safety cables can prevent costly damage to your car and serious injury to you and your family. With extension springs and cables, it’s not a matter of if they’ll break. It’s a matter of when they’ll break. Keep your home safe in Goodway, Alabama 36449 in MONROE county, by installing safety cables to your garage door system.

Safety cables come in 3/32-inch and 1/8-inch diameters and 108 inches for a seven-foot door, and 120 inches for an eight foot door.

Proper garage door maintenance is very important to the function of your garage door. Just like you do preventive maintenance to your vehicle, you need to keep up with certain things on your garage door system. Proper lubrication is very important and easy to do! Just grab a bottle of our denco garage door lube, spray your rollers and hinges and your done. Repeat this process multiple times a year for best results.

If your garage door is no longer quiet or smooth, you might want to look into replacing the rollers. Garage door rollers are only rated for so many cycles and after a while they start to get rough and noisy. We recomment switching to new nylon rollers, these will greatly improve your doors performance. If your thinking of replacing them watch our video on How to replace garage door rollers and see just how easy it is!

Watch our videos about how to replace garage door torsion cables and garage door torsion cable replacement, and call us at 1-866-813-7899 if you have any questions about choosing the right cable for your garage door.

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