How Long Should Garage Door Springs Last?

Just how long should garage door springs last? Most people know the age of their home, car, and of course, their cell phone. They seldom spend time thinking about the age of their garage door springs unless they were very recently installed or of course, giving them problems.

At the same time, garage door springs support the hardest-working moving part in most houses or businesses, You probably rely on your garage door springs to open and close the heavy garage door several times a day. When springs break, they typically cause great inconvenience and in some cases, urgent safety and security problems. It’s not so much a question of how long should garage door springs last as when should you replace yours.

At DIY Garage Door Springs, we can’t tell you exactly how long should garage door springs last. That depends upon frequency of use, maintenance, and in some cases, climate conditions. We are confident enough in our products to offer a four-year warranty with all garage door springs and the option to upgrade to more durable springs that come with an eight-year warranty. You can order garage door springs and parts from our family-owned business today.

How Long Should Garage Door Springs Last?

Manufacturers refer to every opening and closing of a garage door as a cycle. They generally produce springs that should last for 10,000 cycles. If you or other family members usually enter and leave your garage door about six times a day, then your springs might be expected to last at least four years under ideal conditions.

It’s true that some garage door spring makers will estimate that their springs will last twice that long or even more. However, these days, people tend to rely upon garage doors with convenient remote and combination access systems almost as much as they do their front door. Be wary of parts suppliers that base the estimated lifetime of their product upon actual usage that’s much lower than yours will turn out to be.

Estimates of how long should garage door springs last may also rely upon ideal conditions. Some things that make conditions less than ideal could include:

  • Neglecting routine maintenance: For example, you should use a garage door lubricant at least twice a year and more often if needed. If garage door parts get dirty, you can also wipe them off to keep contamination from jamming up the works.
  • Environmental conditions: Freezing temperatures, humidity, and other weather conditions may impact how long your garage door springs should last. That’s especially true if you don’t have an insulated or climate-controlled garage.

Sometimes, garage doors get opened and closed much more frequently than the six times a day that we used in the example above. If so, a busy family or a business might pass 10,000 cycles much earlier. That could be true even if they control the climate in the garage and take care to maintain garage door parts regularly.

At the same time, freezing temperatures can weaken steel springs. Lack of maintenance will introduce contamination into the system that can wear down parts faster. Because manufacturers and retailers can’t control everything about the way their products get used, many only offer very limited warranties or guarantees.

Why Worry About How Long Garage Door Springs Should Last?

We do offer a series of videos that can help you learn to repair garage door springs safely and efficiently. Fixing broken or worn garage door springs is a task you might do yourself to save money. Still, it’s not the easiest DIY job around the house. If you hire local professionals, you’ll probably have to pay hundreds for the service.

Either way, you’ll spend time on the task or waiting for a technician to show up and complete the task. In the meantime, your garage door might be stuck open or closed. In other words, replacing garage door springs is something you would probably prefer to do as little as possible.

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You won’t save money on low-quality springs because you’ll waste time. In some cases, you might even risk the security of your home, damage to your vehicle, or even injury to people. Average garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds, and when garage door springs break, only people who take time to learn what they’re doing should try to move the doors.

Look at Our Garage Door Spring Warranties

Our four- and eight-year warranties will  keep our customers from having to limit their use of their garage door opener. We can offer these warranties because we rely upon American-made, high-quality springs that were forged with tempered steel. We’re confident because we expect our products to outperform our competition and our warranties.

Order high-quality garage door springs and parts online today at competitive prices. We only distribute American-made, oil tempered springs, and we can even work with you on custom orders. If you have questions about ordering or installing garage door springs, you can visit our DIY video library or contact us today.

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